Bluetooth LE Mesh Chat for iOS and Android


BLEMeshChat Build Status


Bluetooth LE mesh chat prototype for iOS. Android version over here.


  • Use the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy APIs on iOS and Android to allow for pairing-free promiscuous background synchronization for anyone with a protocol-compatible app installed.
  • Be a 100% sneakernet protocol, with absolutely no internet functionality.
  • Use modern crypto (via libsodium) that's tailored to the limitations of BLE and an ultra-high latency, unreliable sneakernet.
  • Implement a familiar and friendly Twitter-style UI/UX with a public feed, replies, reposts and (maybe) direct messaging.
  • Only show Gravatar-style avatars and hashes for other's identities until you verify keys in person, and somehow make this process seem enjoyable.


There's still a lot of unsolved problems, but we're close to a working prototype. For more information about the current draft protocol, check out the Bluetooth LE Mesh Chat Spec wiki.



MPL 2.0

  • pod install gives errors

    pod install gives errors

    Hey Guys, Im trying to run your app on my devices, i get the following error (in terminal) when installing the pod:

    Analyzing dependencies [!] The dependency YapDatabase (~> 2.5) is not used in any concrete target. The dependency PureLayout (~> 2.0) is not used in any concrete target. The dependency Mantle (~> 1.4) is not used in any concrete target. The dependency FormatterKit/TimeIntervalFormatter (~> 1.6) is not used in any concrete target. The dependency InAppSettingsKit (~> 2.2) is not used in any concrete target. The dependency JSQMessagesViewController (~> 6.0) is not used in any concrete target. The dependency IGIdenticon (~> 0.2.0) is not used in any concrete target. The dependency libsodium is not used in any concrete target.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Roy.

    opened by RoySadaka 1
  • pod file installation error

    pod file installation error

    [!] Error installing libsodium [!] /usr/bin/curl -f -L -o /var/folders/8j/bdk8868d4y58kczf_2y27sxc0000gn/T/d20200703-7197-1jdejmp/file.tgz --create-dirs --netrc-optional --retry 2

    % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 0 curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found

    opened by framarini02 0
  • some .h files are missing

    some .h files are missing

    these are some but there are really a lot of them missing. "YapDatabase.h" "YapDatabaseViewMappings.h" "YapDatabaseView.h" "YapDatabaseViewTypes.h" "DDLog.h"

    opened by framarini02 0
  • Fix perpetual messaging loop

    Fix perpetual messaging loop

    Right now it maxes out the CPU and brings the interface to a crawl, and probably drains your battery really quickly as well.

    Need to figure out best way of knowing which messages and identities have already been sent to each peer (bloom filter?), and a good threshold for when to disconnect.

    opened by chrisballinger 0
  • Missing version.h file

    Missing version.h file

    The version.h file is missing in this path: /Pods/libsodium/src/libsodium/include/sodium/

    Therefore the symlink is not created in the Pods/Headers path.

    There is a file in this location, and I assume you can rename it to version.h and make it work. Unfortunately, no. It doesn't build.

    I had also downloaded the latest tarball from libsodium and so I dropped version.h from there. Ran pod update and then build. And it worked.

    I may have created my own symlink for version.h, but I don't know if that was necessary,

    opened by hughlang 5
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