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TORoundedButton is an open source UI control of a standard user button. Its design consists of displaying text on top of a solid rectangle with rounded corners. This UI style has started becoming more and more common in iOS 11 and above, and while Apple has an official one they use internally, it is not possible to achieve this effect without heavily customizing UIButton.

TORoundedButton has been crafted to be as graphically performant as possible, based on guidance from Core Animation engineers from Apple at WWDC 2019. It is not simply a subclass of UIButton. Instead, it is a subclass of UIControl with all button graphics and behavior re-engineered from scratch.


  • A completely custom implementation; no UIButton hacking.
  • Implemented with guidance from Core Animation engineers at WWDC 2019.
  • Uses the classic Apple 'continuous' curving style on iOS 13 and up.
  • Extremely flexible with many options for configuring the look and feel of the button.
  • Integrates with Interface Builder for visual configuration.
  • Elegantly cancels and resumes animations when the user slides their finger on and off the button.
  • Piggy-backs off most standard UIView properties in order to minimize the learning curve.
  • Includes dynamic color code to generate a 'tapped' shade of the normal color, saving you extra effort.
  • Fully compatible with Swift, with the class name RoundedButton.


TORoundedButton features a complete default configuration useful for most app instances, but can be easily modified beyond that.

// Create a new instance of `RoundedButton`
let button = RoundedButton(text: "Continue")

// The button color itself is controlled via tintColor
button.tintColor = .red

// If desired a brightness offset that will be used to 
// dynamically calculate the 'tapped' color from the default one.
button.tappedTintColorBrightnessOffset = -0.15

// A closure is used to detect when tapped
button.tappedHandler = {
	print("Button tapped!")

One important thing to remember is that the button color is controlled via tintColor and not backgroundColor.


TORoundedButton will work with iOS 10 and above. While written in Objective-C, it will easily import into Swift.

Manual Installation

Copy the contents of the TORoundedButton folder to your app project.


pod 'TORoundedButton'


github "TimOliver/TORoundedButton"

Why build this?

This sort of button style is more or less the bread and butter of a lot of iOS apps. But even that being the case, it is not offered as an officially supported style of UIButton.

Because of this, most developers will achieve this look by simply giving a UIButton a solid background, and then using the Core Animation cornerRadius API to round the corners.

This sort of "just-in-time" solution is fine for the vast majority of apps out there that might need one or two rounded buttons. But certainly for apps that would want many of these buttons, and demand that look and behaviour is consistent, then it's a no-brainer to create a standardised library for this style.

In addition to that, while UIButton is a vary capable API, it is quite limiting. For example, it's not possible to animate the button zooming as it is tapped, or any other custom behaviour.

As such, in order to give this control as much control and flexibility over UIButton, it made sense to simply subclass UIControl to get all of the system interaction features, and then custom tailor the visual look on top of it.

Feedback from Apple

During WWDC, it's usually possible to visit Apple engineers in the labs to get 1-on-1 engineering consultations. In 2019, this library was shown directly to two engineers from the Core Animation team, and they were exceptionally helpful in clearing up some misconceptions this library had assumed.

Some of the tips they mentioned included:

  1. The original codepath this library used where it generated an opaque background in Core Graphics was basically an anti-pattern. The memory consumption and CPU overhead of creating these bitmaps almost certainly outweighed the performance gains over simply using the cornerRadius API.
  2. Core Animation is very smart in that if no subview content will be clipped, it uses Metal to draw the cornerRadius clipping as a transparent bitmap. Transparent blending is basically free on modern iOS devices, so this is much more preferable to using an opaque bitmap from Core Graphics.
  3. If there is subview content that might be clipped, Core Animation must do an off-screen render pass (This can be tested in the Simulator by checking "Off-screen rendered"). While doing this occasionally is fine, it is still a much heavier graphics operation than regular transparency blending and should always be avoided if it can be helped.


TORoundedButton was created by Tim Oliver as a component of iComics.

iOS device mockup art by Pixeden.


TORoundedButton is available under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file for more information. analytics

  • Set titleLabel's backgroundColor on tintColorDidChange

    Set titleLabel's backgroundColor on tintColorDidChange

    When initializing a TORoundedButton in the following way:

    let button = RoundedButton(text: "I agree")
    button.tintColor = UIColor.appPurple
    button.textColor = .white
    button.backgroundColor = .white
    button.cornerRadius = 4

    This is the result:


    Tapping on the button makes this glitch go away, because self.titleLabel.backgroundColor = self.isTapped ? [UIColor clearColor] : self.tintColor; is called.

    This PR sets the titleLabel's backgroundColor on layoutSubviews to avoid this bug.

    opened by natanrolnik 6
  • Carthage build end up in /static folder?

    Carthage build end up in /static folder?

    While every other framework builds directly into the build folder, somehow this framework ends up in the build/static folder. Any way it can be consistent with others? Thanks!

    Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 1 01 48 PM enhancement 
    opened by danqing 5
  • Swift Package Manager error

    Swift Package Manager error

    While trying to install the library using Swift Package Manager in Xcode, I get an error.

    TORoundedButton has no Package.swift manifest for version 1.1.2

    Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 23 17 12 bug help wanted 
    opened by marcheimendinger 4
  • Question regarding a standard approach

    Question regarding a standard approach

    I have been generating rounded-stretchable images for years (dynamically, with code) to set as the backgroundImage of my UIButtons to the same goal as your library.

    This also has the advantage that I get highlight-colorization for free.

    It wasn't clear after reading your README why I should instead use your library.

    Thanks for your time!

    opened by mxcl 3
  • Why it performance better than UIButton?

    Why it performance better than UIButton?

    I saw this in the readme

    most developers will achieve this look by simply giving a UIButton a solid background, and then using the Core Animation cornerRadius API to round the corners.

    As simple as this is, this is gross overkill for a lot of circumstances in which you'd use a buttonI

    In the implementation, I saw cornerRadius API

    - (void)setCornerRadius:(CGFloat)cornerRadius
        // Make sure the corner radius doesn't match
        if (fabs(cornerRadius - _cornerRadius) < FLT_EPSILON) {
        _cornerRadius = cornerRadius;
        self.backgroundView.layer.cornerRadius = _cornerRadius;
        [self setNeedsLayout];

    So what's the difference? please help me out

    opened by huahuahu 2
  • Inactive when inside UICollectionViewCell

    Inactive when inside UICollectionViewCell

    I don't know what may be the cause yet, but what I see is that if I use RoundedButton (Swift) inside UICollectionViewCell (added to contentView), it doesn't handle any action. If I switch to UIButton the same addTarget:... start working, this is why I suspect there is maybe something missing in this component.

    I use RoundedButton in other places and it works just fine ;)

    I really can't explain this behavior more at this point, I'm sorry.

    opened by krzyzanowskim 2
  • Set alpha when disabling button

    Set alpha when disabling button

    I noticed that calling the roundedButton.isEnabled = false doesn't dim it - which is the case in other UIControls.

    I noticed that in all setters _isDirty = YES; [self setNeedsLayout]; are called, and thought about using the same pattern; however, there is no need to layout all the subviews again, so I thought setting alpha directly a more reasonable solution.

    opened by natanrolnik 2
  • Subtitle:  Trivial code change to allow the button title to be multiple lines of text.

    Subtitle: Trivial code change to allow the button title to be multiple lines of text.

    Trivial code change allows me to set the button title to a string that contains two lines of text. Example:

    let button = RoundedButton() button.attributedText = NSAttributedString(string: "Line 1\nLine2)

    See issue #39

    opened by ehmjaysee 1
  • Tapping the button sends the gesture to the responder below

    Tapping the button sends the gesture to the responder below

    I have added a UITapGestureRecognizer to my UIViewController's view and noticed that tapping on the RoundedButton embedeed in that view is also registered by the gesture recognizer. I don't think it's a desired effect

    opened by wiencheck 1
  • Implement proper vertical text alignment

    Implement proper vertical text alignment

    At the moment, the text label in the middle of the button is aligned by simply centering the UILabel in the very middle of the super view.

    However, depending on the actual text in the label, depending if the text has any characters with a descender (eg, p or y ), it's possible two buttons lined up would have different vertical alignments of their buttons.

    Depending on how UILabel works, this might not be necessary, but just in case, I'll be checking to see if I need to include extra vertical alignment math to properly center the labels.

    Stack Overflow reference: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41981675/in-swift-how-to-get-the-y-position-of-a-text-baseline-of-a-uilabel

    opened by TimOliver 1
  • When disabling, set containerView alpha (and not button's alpha itself)

    When disabling, set containerView alpha (and not button's alpha itself)

    This one is actually a better implementation of #15 - It makes more sense to set the containerView's alpha instead of the whole view's alpha.

    What do you think, @TimOliver ?

    opened by natanrolnik 1
  • Are you interested in a Swift port of this button?

    Are you interested in a Swift port of this button?

    Hi @TimOliver

    I love your simple, but powerful implementation of this kind of button - exactly what I need for my apps. I ported this library to Swift 5 - along with the unit tests and the sample app.

    If you are interested, I could add you as a collaborator to my private repo, you could have a look, and if you like it, maybe you'd like to release it alongside your Objective-C implementation.

    Cheers, Peter

    opened by psalzAppDev 2
  • How to set transparent background with text?

    How to set transparent background with text?

    I noticed a strange behavior when setting colors for the button. What I'm doing is simply

                button.tintColor = theme.primary.withAlphaComponent(0.2)
                button.textColor = theme.primary

    and label ends up with a strange frame behind it. See the screenshot IMG_0403

    bug help wanted good first issue 
    opened by wiencheck 1
  • 1.1.3(Dec 12, 2020)

  • 1.1.2(Jul 7, 2019)

  • 1.1.1(Jun 21, 2019)


    • Added unit tests to check consistent initial behaviour. (#22)
    • Updated the documentation in the header to match expected default values. (#22)


    • A bug where the dynamic text size would not properly restore. (#22)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.1.0(Jun 21, 2019)


    • Added minimumWidth property to help with guiding external layout. (#21)
    • Refactored button from Core Animation labs chat at WWDC 2019. (#20)
    • Increased corner radius default value to 12.0. (#20)
    • Added lower alpha value when button is set to disabled. (#15)
    • Added UIControlEventPrimaryActionTriggered event handling for iOS 9 apps relying on that action. (#13)
    • Added attributed string support to button. (#11)


    • A bug where the label's background color sometimes didn't match the button tint color. (#14)
    • Renamed framework project name to fix IB render crash. (#20)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.0.0(Apr 30, 2019)

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